Ungluing old kits

I’m sure this was covered on the old site, but I cant find it. I have recently obtained a 'used ’ kit. Only a couple of parts are glued together, but they’re the parts I don’t want for the final configuration. I seem to recall seeing tricks like freezing the kit or using Tamiya Extra Thin to dissolve the existing bond.
Anyone have any hints about disassembling the kit without breaking it?

It depends on the glue used. CA has a debonder that could work. Styrene glue, like Tamiya, Revell, etc. melt the plastic and weld it, so it is very difficult to go back. For some small parts, the Tamiya extra thin will melt the plastic again and allow to remove them more or less undamaged. For larger parts, and if enough glue was used, I guess careful cutting is the only solution.


I’ve tried a hammer and a wrench. Didn’t work out too well! :woozy_face: :sweat_smile:
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:joy: :wave:What, no cutting torch?

Careful, CA debonder melts plastic. I am guessing but it was probably designed to unglue skin.