Universal Carrier MK ll first build

First build in 52 yrs. Last build a monogram 1:48 scale spitfire, couple of hours no concern for quality or accuracy typical 13yr. old model build. This is a 10 month build and research as well as lots of painting practice on plain sheet of plastic. Tamiya 1:35 universal carrier, first attempt ever at figures, photo etch ( eduard photo etch) and temporary mini diorama. all done with Vallejo products and all painting done by hand. All comments, on making improvements welcomed to help on next build, Archer 3rd. Cdn. Inf. Div.


Well you did an Excellent job on the vehicle, figures and dio, for a 52 year break!
And Welcome to the KITMAKER NETWORK, you’ll have a great time here…ENJOY!

Not a big fan of the Bren carrier but yours is very nice. I especially like all the extras you put into the interior, not too cluttered but utilitarian. :+1: :+1:

Very nice build, I’m working on my first build after 25 years away and I know I wont be able to do as well as you have done.

Wow what a piece to knock out after such a break! Really top quality work/

So, basically this is your first kit yuo tried to make to some “quality standard” :slight_smile:

I must admit, hard to belive that you can deliver this (even when it took you 10 months) starting with no experience… Very well done and welcoem to the site.

Thank you for your encouragement. It was not my first idea to build, but my Uncle crewed one in NW Europe during the war, so thought I would give it a go.
Originally was going to build the the Archer but the carrier was a cheaper kit for my first to see how it would turn out before getting into more expensive kits. After purchasing all the proper tools, paints and a few books ( which was more than the kit, boy modeling has changed in 52 yrs. ) and liking the final product I think I will stick with this new retirement hobby.

Thanks for the comments Hggisbasher. Not sure I if I should make any comments as a rookie but lots of patience and slow steady progress with the help of 3 or 4 books by master modelers, and a plain blank sheet styrene for practice painting and weathering contributed greatly to the final product. Modeling as a true hobby is quite a job but a fun job. A lot of the guys on this site would create this in about 3 - 4 days and a lot better product. But as a first slow and steady work for me.

Well welcome back. Based on you effort upon your return I’m sure you will continue to produce quality pieces. Is WWII your only/primary interest? I do mostly modern/Cold War. No matter what your interest you will find lots of knowledgeable and helpful folks in this community. We are also generally polite and respectful as well. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

Thank you for the comments. A lot of reading from some books and practcing on plain styrene for painting / weathering and looking at all the remarkable builds on this site. This is not just an early teen fade as when I started, sort of a right of passage for most teens, but a truly unique an detailed hobby. I think I will truly enjoy continuing on and trying to improve to the standards set on this site. Thanks Dennis

Yes my primary interest is WW 2, as most of relatives went over seas in the Canadian forces. I would like to build things related to there service to start.
So that includes a Corvette escort ship, Lancaster bomber and assorted amour
builds. Although I have been slowly building in conjunction with the carrier a 1:200 scale revell offshore platform as before retirement I was employed in the oil industry. It is quite large with lots of parts, might have bittren off more than I can chew. Will take some pics. post when it finally gets finished.
Cheers Dennis

Well, yes, a lot has changed and everything has become a lot more professional. You are clearly one of the “organised” types who prepares very carefully for every step… and it shows.

Don’t worry about the speed of others if it is quality that you are after. I know it is tempting to speedbuild and grow your collection fast but the frustrating confrontation with the inevitable errors if you try to hurry up ruin that ambition.

I could only advise you to plan carefully what you want to build. I re-started building in 2003 and recently noticed how I have been beuilding all over the place when it comes to subjects (even when rigorously sticking to a single scale) and I don’t have a “collection”.

Luckily, I can now work on solving that problem :slight_smile:

For me its more like 3-4 months, or is that years! Don’t worry about speed, work how you want. It’s YOUR hobby.

Bloody well done Dennis, thanks for sharing. As others have said, welcome back to the fold. I’ve blipped about between various avenues of the hobby - aircraft, armor, ships, railways - for SO long, it’s always a new thing when I pick something different up. So build at your own pace, don’t try to “keep up” with anyone but your own bad self. Be your own worst critic and enjoy the process. Onward!


Thank you for the encouragement Jimbo.
I am kind of methodical when building, from the start of research to the finish product. Also hand painting I have found turns out a good product only if done slow and steady.
Thanks Dennis

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Dennis you’ve done an excellent job for your first model in 52 years! Everything looks great. Keep up the good work !


Thank you for the encouragement.
Canadian SPG Archer next up.
I work slow and methodical so maybe a while till there is a final product.
Cheers Dennis

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Awesome build! It looks perfect in every way!
Cant wait to see the Archer! We really need more people building Canadian stuff!

Sorry for the very tardy reply. Thank you for or comments,as this is my first build.
I see you started a Canadian build group. The reason for this being my first build was inexpensive kit for first attempt (did not need to spend a lot on a kit to find out I was not good at building) , second reason was my uncle crewed one of these with the Perth Reg. 11th inf. Brg. 5th Can. Armour Div… Unfortunately I did not know of any markings available for his unit and used the kit decals for a british unit. It was not until I got involved with a few forums that I found where I could get markings for Canadian units. Now all new builds will be done with Canadian markings. Yes these are truly a Canadian vehicle, made by Fords in Windsor Ont…
I guess I could move over to your build if it were marked properly, but hopefully I can get my Archer done in time to post it on the forum. I tend to very slow and methodical in my builds.
Cheers Dennis

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Wow, that looks great! How did you get the netting on the helmets of the crew? I’d love to copy that technique.