Upcoming Andy's HHQ 1/16 Allied Armor

Saw this in the back of the instruction manuel for the Tiger 1…thought fans of Allied armor, who did not check out the Tiger 1 video may find it intresting…though not much revealed.

What do you guys think is coming down the pipeline?


My guess is one of the US ones is an M4A4 Sherman and the British AFV will be a Firefly… and the other a M4 or M4A1

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Makes sense.

Would like to see some German crew also

If so, the Shermanholics are going to be orgasmic!

I think those are great guesses on the Allied picks. Maybe Andy will really surprise us with a M32A1B3 Recovery Tank?


A 1/16 firefly would throughly have my interest

I knew it! Somebody is trying their best to bankrupt me. And while on the subject, I’d never pass on an M31 or M3 Lee or Grant

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M5A1 Stuart?

Classy Hobby has 2 M5A1 Stuarts out there already. A M3 Stuart US and Brit would be a possibility if they did the different hatch types. A Hellcat would really peak my interest, but reality had to have a say…

I am basing my theory on the ability to use some parts across all the releases, given time frames of 1 in “Spring” and 2 in “Summer”. That suggests the “Summer” pair are based on the same vehicle in general.


I’m going to throw out you the idea that Classy’s kits doesn’t make Takom money, but your more than likely right.
A Stuart is a common vehicle and I think thats what sells in this scale.
I hope it’s a small hatch Sherman and a Firefly would be pretty neat.
Time will tell.

M26 Pershing, M24 Chaffee or M3 halftrack.

All of those are safe bets