URAN 9 kit?

I have attempted to get a copy of the kit released a few years ago by Amusing Models. It was released boxed along with a T90. The company does not appear to answer emails regarding getting a stand alone URAN 9. Has anyone any idea about how to get the kit without the T90?

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Conventionally, you can’t. It’s only boxed with the T-90 and Amusing Hobby doesn’t offer it separately, nor do they offer sprue sales.
The only way you could possibly get a URAN 9 kit on it’s own is to go on EBay and search for sprue sales of it. There are several companies on EBay that part out kits and you might be able to obtain the sprues for the URAN 9 that way.


The other option is to search out the 5M Hobby resin/PE kit. This is a superb model, better detailed then the Amusing Hobby version, but a bit more difficult to build of course. Probably even harder to get then finding the sprues of the AM or somone willing to part with it, but you never know.

I am sure Amusing Hobby will eventually release the kit on its own, either themselves or perhaps through one of their “partners” like Das Werk.


If you want the kit buy the double release (on sale thru today from Lucky Model for $36 with a 20% off coupon) take out the Uran parts and sell the T-90 for $20 on eBay or at a show. You aren’t going to do better than $16 for a separate Uran release - if it would ever happen.

You have to ask yourself: What is the Uran kit worth to you? Would you pay $45 for it? (That’s the normal retail for the double kit.) If so, just buy the double, throw the T-90 in the trash, and call yourself a winner.

These are plastic toys, and relative cheap ones at that. I remember seeing the Monogram diorama inserts where Shep Paine used a second M3 kit just to cut out a door! As a thirteen-year-old, this was an unbelievable extravagance: An entire kit wasted for just one part! As an adult, however, it took me only a minute’s search of the sprue sellers on eBay to see that I’d be farther ahead taking the parts I needed from the excess kit I was hoping to sell for $20 than spending $16 to buy the sprue I needed. But what about the kit that is now missing parts? I dunno. Maybe I’ll sell it as-is, part it out, or throw it away. The point being, I don’t care. It’s just a box of plastic.



Ah the glorious workings of that Monogram open door. I too remember it well. Shep Paine was a true pioneer.

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