US Army patroling the Iron Curtain

Yup! That’s the one - or rather the organisation.

Team Yankee was his best (IMHO) but all of his were similar, military adventure tales. I enjoyed all of them. And now, with the way things are in the Ukraine. It could get real.

Did 2/64 move there, or was that temporary? They were in Conn Barracks, Schweinfurt when I was there.

Sword Point was excellent, Bright Star not quite as good… I kinda lost interest after a few more of that series… years later one that I read titled More Than Courage piqued my interest again that he had gone down a new route.

Hi Ken,
yes there was a rotation to Harris Barracks. Primary unit was 2nd ACR with Bradley, but you also could see M109 A2 at some point. Unfortunatly, at that time, I was never interested which unit was on rotation. They brought their tracks from Coburg railhead and used M151A2 hard top to patrol the border…Of your could see AH-1S and and OH-58A flying daily air patrols.