US Distributor

Who do the membership feel would be a good distributor for an extensive range resin aftermarket products and 3D resin products in a number of scale aimed mostly at the armour section of the hobby? I have some ideas but the members who purchase in the US will be wiser than I to experience of dealing with outlets.

I like Sprue Brothers. Accurate inventory, easy to use & fast shipping.

I’d probably second that, though I’d really love to see more Canadian distributors picking up some of the European AM producers. Shipping even from the US is getting prohibitive.

I’ll mention that LHS in Canada generally get supplied by some American distributors like Stevens and Lightspeed. Neither Borgefeldt nor HPD carry any aftermarket, so we have to make agreements with American distributors to ship us a package once every 2 months or so. Not only do they never have any am in stock, we don’t get backordered items for months and have to charge significantly more just to cover our distributor costs.

Somebody needs to start a new distributor… @Panzer_modeler @Canmedic time to pool our stashes?


Sprue Brothers would be a good choice.

Sprue Brothers is front end store for individual customers, Douglas Models is the distributor behind the scenes.



This explains so much…

I imagine there aren’t that many to choose from, Stevens International being one that I know of.