US Marine Tanker Figures

Panzer Art 1/35 USMC Marines Sherman Tank Crew Pacific PTO WWII (3 Fig) FI35-059 | eBay

I got this set, and managed to epoxy and prime them. Trouble is, I’m trying to figure out the colors for the clothing. The books I have on the US Marines show uniforms and not the skivvies that my figures are wearing. I assume T-shirts and such come in other colors than white but I’d like to be sure.

When in doubt, I use Humbrol 102 Army green (and whatever equivalent from other brand). Since I found out that the military gear colour varies quite a bit from case to case. That colour happens to show up often enough to be a match.

I assume with clothing, shades vary a lot. It’s a case of using green, or brown, or tan, etc.

WW2 USMC t-shirt