Us modelers-need a paint rack?

For you US based guys, if your keen on model master paints and have a ton of Model Master paints or similar size bottles and need to organize check your local Hobby Lobby. The one in my hometown is selling their Model Master display rack for $15.00, at our store it was in the breeze way area upfront by the registers where they sell all that brick a brack furniture. Good hunting if you need one, I didn’t grab this one, stuck at work but may see if its still there tomorrow night, not that I really need it but figured I share that with you all.

I’d love one except the majority of my paint is Mr. Color, Tamiya, and Vallejo. I don’t have enough MM left to fill half a display now.

I’ll check my local Hobby Lobby. While I seldom use Model Master paint, I do have three hundred or so bottles of Floquil Military Colors & Floquil RailRoad that are feeling a little crowded.