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Here we take a look at an eagerly awaited release from MiniArt in the form of US Soldier Rain Wear in 1/35th scale.

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Thank you, Darren for the preview. It would have been more helpful to see zoomed-in photos of the faces and figure bodies however.
As mentioned, it appears to be a hit and miss. Somewhat disappointing quality but I’ll probably get a set.

I think you mean M1 carbines not Springfields.

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I can’t comment on the accuracy of the figures or the weaponry, or over what timescale they were in use, but the flash on the new mould would suggest they are being run too hot. MiniArt may be pushing these dies hard or it may be operator error.

I got a set of these last week. The figures themselves are nice once built up, but definitely need quite a bit of work around the seams, especially there the front and back halves if the body mate

Scalemates lists this set as originally from 2017 . So not a new molding such as it is.

That was when MiniArt originally announced them as a new/coming item. They were finally released a couple months ago.