USA star patterns

A friend of mine is building an M2A1 White Half Track in super scale and has a question for our crack research and knowledge team concerning the white USA star. He found some surplus armor that had this style star on it under some OD.

I’ve found a picture with it in David Doyle’s High Speed Tractors book on page 61 painted on an M5 but otherwise it seems to be a rare version of the star. Does anyone know why it might be painted this way?

No real information but it seems it would be easier to cut a stencil then the full star and slightly cut down on paint usage.

Five lengths of masking tape holding down paper or something similar to mask off a star pattern.
Saved some time by not removing the part of each length that is inside the star.

This one I like; done without a stencil. Hummmmm, says I.
Thanks, guys! Occam’s razor time, I think.

My friend thanks you as well.
Some eye candy

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