USMC Abrams in Afghanistan, interactions with civilians?

I recently picked up Meng’s M1A1 kit and was contemplating building it as a Marine Abrams in Afghanistan circa 2012. Having some Master Box and Miniart tank crew figures in he stash and Miniart’s Afghan Civilian figures I’m contemplating a scene with Marine Tankers handing out rations.

In doing a little research, I’ve found photos of civilians interacting with wheel vehicle crews but haven’t been able to find anything that shows an Abrams with civilians. Closest photo I was able to find was of an Abrams on a small hilltop just outside a village providing overwatch duties, no civilians though. Definitely not expecting to see an Abrams in the center of a village but maybe on the outskirts?

Realistically, the chances of me completing the Abrams anytime soon are remote, let alone actually getting a “hearts and minds” type diorama together. It sure looks good being built in my mind though.


If you want to build a Afghan hog you need this set. The set up was unique to Afghan and only D Co 1st Tanks went. I don’t think any kits have all the parts OOB but I could be wrong.

The newer Rye Field and Meng M1A1 USMC kits have all the parts in the boxes.

That’s probably why the set is out of production then? Thanks, I did not know.