USMC Littoral Regiment

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if you think this is funny, then you need an invite to The Marine Corp birthday party! Last till the last man falls to the ground! Wear your ear plugs as it is gonna get loud an very raunchy.


An article somewhat related to the topic…

I would prefer the USMC also field the UK’s NLAW or restart the Predator ATGM. Hefting a 45+ lb Javelin for ALL USMC Anti-Tank work is just too heavy and bulky. Not every enemy tank needs an ATGM that can reach out to 1-3 miles and cost $175,000+ each shot.

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Here is a video that may help explain the decision the Marines made in their reorganizing. It is not of Marines themselves but of seeing the writing on the wall for the future that may have helped their decision.
Drones in Ukraine - lessons for other countries - YouTube

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Yes, the powers that be have used drone use in Syria for many of there decisions to drop tanks etc, which in some aspects UA to proving it is not a one of scenario. However I think in both conflicts didn’t take into account our typical control of the airspace when in an area. Granted that is not guaranteed either but I don’t think it would be less then 50% either otherwise we have bigger problems then drones. Yes without any other modernization to the threat we will lose equipment and troops but we also don’t have 100% deterrent to IEDs either so zero loss isn’t practical to plan for either.

I have not seen our plan to defeat small cheap drones. What do you use? Maybe a Cessna 172 and a net? “Sweep them from the sky’s” Drones and F35’s would share the airspace like people and gnats, Both would be there but neither noticing the other.

@TopSmith US Marine Corps Anti-Drone Polaris MRZR. It’s unarmed, unarmored, and light, but it does have jammers that work against drones.

The US Army has something similar on a telescopic pole on a JLTV and the JLTV uses a RIwP turret with 30mm, 7.62mm M240, and a four-shot Stinger pod so the Army’s is armed and armored. The USMC is beginning to field something similar on a JLTV too.

No, there is no real plan to defeat drones in the US Military besides specialized units and “First one in the area, take a shot at it” and “Finders first, shoot first.”

Ah, here is the USMC’s M-ATV for Air Defense. It has Anti-drone jammers, but uses a CROWS II with 7.62mm or 12.7mm minigun instead. Note the FLIR turret ball above the circular jammers.

So in a way, yes, the US DoD kind of know what it is doing regarding Anti-Drone short-range air defense…that is if the specialized units can get to the drone area in the first place. Adage…“something is better than nothing.”

How would one model this in 1/35? Can the Rye Field M1240 be used? Which minigun type and is there a name for the jammer?

How would one model this in 1/35? Can the Rye Field M1240 be used? Which minigun type and is there a name for the jammer?

Sorry, I just saw this post.

One would need Legend’s M134 minigun on a separate 1/35 CROWS mount. No one makes a CROWS mount with a minigun attached so kitbashing and plastic surgery is required.

No one makes the circular RADA radars yet and the FLIR ball on a pole. RADA may have jamming capabilities.

One would need a FLIR ball and not the 1/35 under-chin FLIR on an AH-1. You need FLIR ball on a pole. NorthstarModels makes one in their 1/35 ARV-AL XM1219 Armed Robotic Vehicle, but that’s over $100 USD for a single part to take from and it is Out of Stock and the wrong configuration.

I think Werner Wing’s 1/35 FLIR on AH/MH-6 might work.


The best way? 3D CAD the parts and 3D print them out…a custom job unless someone makes resin aftermarket parts.

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I have this kit, so the crows mount would be covered, correct?

Does this Legend set work?

For the FLIR, this seems to look ok and not $100.

I will ask James again now that I have some information about the radar.

I think some more photos of the setup are needed to create the framework.

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Yes, the FLIR is the older style used on helicopters such as the AH/MH-6J, MH-60L and MH/HH-60G.


Yes, the Legend minigun set that you posted is the one I would use.

Here is some more References:

A different radar panel and gun mount as that is 30mm Kongsberg RWS and the oval radar panels are different and placed at different locations.

So between 7.62mm minigun and 30mm autocannon, hopefully should be enough to counter UASs of various sizes and classes for the U.S. Marine Corps…and this doesn’t include the ACV-30mm or USMC JLTVs with RIwP 30mm turrets.

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Thanks, good stuff.

Do you know of any references that show the support structure under the RADA radars?

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Actually, RADA does. The skinny black poles are probably for the MRZR whereas the thicker sand poles are for the M-ATV, I’m guessing. You can glimpse the support structure on the M-ATV rear opening below.

Heavier test pedestal

Portable lightweight pedestal

M-ATV on pole-and-bar-mount pedestal

MRZR on rollcage

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Thanks. I had looked at their site (I think) just not good enough/knew what I as looking at.

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Here is another image of RADA radars with pole on a test mount. You can see the underside from this angle. I don’t know which setup the USMC uses on the C-UAS JLTV and how it actually looks.

Looks like RADA has merged with Leonardo DRS.

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