USMC M4A3 Shermans

Did any manufacturer ever do a set of deep wading stacks for the M4A3? I know there are stacks available for earlier marks. BTW I’m asking about 1/35 specifically. Thanks.

The Italeri 1/35 USMC M4A2/A3 kit includes wading stacks with the engine deck adapters for both types. I’ll bet that there are others out there as well.

Thanks. That’s kind of what I was wondering. Wanting to find some stacks to adapt to my Asuka late model M4A3 75mm.

I modified and used them on a M4A1

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TankWork shop had two versions (field and factory) and Finescale had an article either magazine or book on making your own. I can look for the plans if you want to go that route.