USN Ships as USCG Ships

A while ago I purchased the PitRoad/Skywave John C. Butler-class Destroyer Escort kit from a member here on the Forum. To my happy surprise, the kit comes with two complete ships in the box. I plan to build one as the Samuel B. Roberts, but I really don’t have a plan for the other one. I did some looking into these ships, and found that s couple were sold to Portugal; and almost all of them were sunk as targets. I’d like to do something different with the other kit. Does anyone know if these hulls were used by the US Coast Guard?


It looks like 30 Edsall class DE’s were manned by or transferred to the Coast Guard. The biggest difference versus the Butlers were the Edalls had diesel engines instead of steam turbines.

So you might be able to convert your kit to an Edsall class.

Thanks. I’ll look into that. I think the Edsalls had smaller guns, too: 3" instead of 5".