Valentine/archer interior color

I am building broncos archer, and it will be in Canadian service. I had a couple questions about colors. Specifically I am looking for

  1. transmission area color, ie the colors of walls and hatches in the transmission areas

  2. color of the transmission and fans

  3. color of the the fighting compartment

  4. color of the drivers area?

I’ve include pictures of the transmission area to give an idea of what I am talking about. I am assuming the fighting compartment was olive drab / SCC15 and likely the drivers compartment as well but wanted to confirm

Based on the Valentine Mk 5 interior on this NZ one - I’d say white

Which seems to be supported in these:


Interesting, glad I asked, I was thinking it would have been silver like most British vehicle interiors. The fan blades are red?! Wouldn’t have guessed that, wonder if that’s war time color or museum artistic license.

As for the transmission itself I was learning towards a semi gloss black or natural metal; any ideas there?


It does look like artistic license, the fan blades in the schematic and transition appear black. And the gear box looks a natrual metal

Naturally he doesn’t open up the guts on this one, but still a good walk about

I watched that last night, will be very helpful for sure.I was hoping the whole time he would crack it open lol!

I found this on Miniarts website, I am fairly sure the bronco kit uses miniart sprues (or perhaps vice versa). At any rate, it looks like white for the main structures and black/dark steel grey for everything inside the transmission area.

A general rule of thumb is semi-gloss white for all but pre- and very early war British AFVs. Those would be silver-aluminum.

The change to white interiors was an early austerity move to save on aluminum which was a strategic material in short supply in Britain. Since the silver paint pigment was made from aluminum, the change to white allowed the aluminum to be used for other more critical uses, like aircraft manufacturing.