Vandalizing a T-84BM Oplot’s digital camouflage

So this go round I thought I’d give @sgtchuck method a try and take @MassimoTessitori advice and use Tamiya paint. Like I said before, my original attempt with this method on a ZTZ-99A ended with cursing and easy off oven cleaner.

Here’s what I was going for. Not exactly this, but the impression of this.

Paint it black:

Wait 24 hours and mask:

Wait 24 hours and paint it tan and mask:

After 24 hours paint it red brown and mask:

Wait and paint it green and wait another 24 hours before peeling all the masks:


So here’s where I was:

After touching up some scratches and detail painting and clear coating and a couple decals:


I added some pigments/dust:

Whadaya’ think?


Nicely done there Al- I’m sure you’re glad there was no call for the oven cleaner this time!

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Looks awesome. :+1::+1:

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Turned out very nicely. :+1: :+1:

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I think you nailed it. Good job.

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Good model. This method seems the best one for such camouflages.

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Very well done. That method looks like it is a winner. Great results :+1:


Haha! You nailed it! You’ve got this down to a science. What you’re doing is called subtractive masking and it’s a great technique. You can also do it with Blu-tac for hard edged French camo patterns.
This tank looks fantastic! The pattern is awesome and the weathering / dusting is just right. Outstanding job. By the way, Windex with ammonia strips Tamiya paint in seconds - no need to mess with nasty oven cleaner.


My 9k37m1 Buk done


Lookin’ good @sgtchuck !

Thanks for the info via PM that helped me do the Oplot.

And thanks to everyone for chiming in. The use of pigments and pastels just a couple of things I’ve learned along the way since I’ve been here.