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Rick Taylor reviews Vargas Scale Models US Christie 1921 prototype in 1:35 scale.

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Almost a steam-punk tank :grin:

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Was this the first Sturmgeschütz?

Possibly :grin:

These interwar tanks and prototypes are really interesting. Lots of engineers and army officers trying to figure out what a tank should be used for and what characteristics they should have. The armament and layout choices on this were all about defeating a trench line. Use the gun to neutralize enemy machine gun positions on the approach while using the two machine guns to suppress the infantry in the trench line. Once the trench has been reached, drive parallel to it it and use the machine guns to neutralize the enemy infantry in the trench. Then cross the trench and repeat.


I just love these inter-war year multi-turret tanks as they fumblingly sought to figure out what the future of tank warfare applications were. That “Victorian” look to bolted plate armor doesn’t hurt either. And that the kit comprises, maybe, 15 parts makes for a fun and fast build in between the laborious and tedious 1000-piece “super kits” that many are offering these days. Bogie wheel assembles comprised of 18 parts…etc. Groan. The absence of a need for PE is just icing on the cake. I see good days ahead for those of us with ever-poorer eyesight and simply tired of virtually every variant ever made or thought of! (It was either this or 1/16th scale!)