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Inbox review of a new 3D printed kit of the M777 Howitzer

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Great review. I echo everything you’re saying. I’m mid build right now. Tons of fragile details. I’ve experienced some frustrating fitment issues with the breachblock tube, front barrel support and tube. It seems the breachblock tube is too small/short. Lots of sanding and putty to make it fit but it certainly will be a detail any artilleryman r modeler who is looking down into the innards of the assembly will likely notice. In the end, likely something no one can notice.

I strongly echo your sentiment on the instructions. The level of detail is great but can present a challenge in clarity of what you’re looking at. With this type of printing, scale, minor detail, it can be a challenge to know if you’re looking at an imperfection tag from printing, a detail, or a key connection for later in the build.

I agree with both the reviewer and the above commenter. The M777 will be the next kit after my HEMTT wrecker in-progress. The Vargas instructions really aren’t instructions, and not as desirable as a placement guide either. But heck, my Trumpeter kit instructions left me hanging a few times as well, with inverting parts from one illustration to the next, and subsequent repairs to correct mis-placement.

What would really be beneficial is if one of the brave souls tackling this kit were to amend the Vargas plans with appropriate advice, warnings, and suggestions, to guide those that are just approaching this kit.

My previous experience with a Vargas kit was one of the early US Army tank kits that had eight pieces to the whole thing. Nicely done and instructions were not needed for this one. The M777, however, must be approached in a kit-builder’s frame of mind, especially as CA adhesive is very unforgiving if the parts are not spot-on the first time. Given the vague directions and numerous small parts, I’m going to keep this one in the box pending more feedback from other Armorama builders. Let’s hope the next Vargas howitzer comes with instructions in the box when shipped, and that they are more of an assist to the builder.

A good walk around might help with assembly as well…


I may be ordering one soon.