Various Railroading Articles

Here are some random articles that have popped up all because I opened the Big Boy story a few days ago. Hope that you find something interesting here. :slight_smile:

The oddest of oddball locomotives (

The 4-6-2 Pacific-type steam locomotive (

Down memory lane: Encountering the same locomotive over the years (

8 diesel locomotive breakthroughs (

9 oddball diesel locomotives in North America (

All wired up: The history behind the electrification of railroads (

Five of the worst locomotive paint schemes (

5 Interesting Locomotives (Youโ€™ve Probably Never Heard Of) | History in the Dark | Watch (

Largest Trains In The World | Watch (


Loved the worst paint schemes. โ€œBarf Bonnet!!!โ€ :rofl:

Found its foil:

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