Vehicle Identification

Any ideas? My first thought was a lightweight Land Rover, given the flat fenders, or wings if you will. The bonnet doesn’t look right for that though. Nor does the rear wheel cut out.


And might there be a kit of it?

I am sure someone will come up with something far more definitive but I think this is either a South African modified Land Rover or a similar modification by the British South African Police (which despite the name were the police force of Rhodesia).

It might be one in mercenary use given the often volatile and unpredictable nature of the continent, possibly from the 70s I should think.

I think it highly unlikely there is a kit of it but not beyond the realms of decent scratch builders I imagine - certainly not me!

From the look of it, the base is a Land Rover lightweigt 2A, minus windscreen/doors and a different bonnet/hood.

Just to further muddy the waters I wonder if this could be an Australian or New Zealand vehicle? Both used the Land Rover series and adapted them accordingly. The capbadge on the guy on the right could be a New Zealand one.

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I was initially inclined to believe it was a lightweight 2A as well, based solely on the fenders. But after looking at it I realized there were too many inconsistencies with that idea. The hood appears to be that of a Series I, as does the rear fender cut out, What was throwing me off was the placement of the headlights - more of a Series 2 configuration. Easier to modify the lights than the hood and rear cargo area, so I’ve decided it is indeed a Series I. I’ve already figured out how to modify the Tamiya SAS Land Rover to make a reasonably accurate replica.
And as Frenchy’s posts point out, it is indeed from a film, so who knows how accurate it was? That said they did use period correct (1961) Series I (unmodified) and Series II vehicles, so they were at least trying to be historically accurate. The imdb site lists it as “unknown.”
However, this wasn’t used by the Irish, as Frenchy postulates, but rather by his countrymen, the French mercenaries who fought against them. I think they just removed the big, bulky fenders and attached or replicated those from a lightweight 2A.
Thanks for the replies. My version might see the light of day when we elect a new president. No, not in four days - the next president would be in four years. Yeah, I build that fast.

More views of the same vehicle in this movie clip :


Hell, why stop there? Watch the whole movie on Netflix. Pretty amazing story.


I agree, I enjoyed the movie and found it very interesting. Watching it again now.


This appears to be a bit of a ‘bitzer’ (bits of this,bits of that)

The chassis and rear bed is a series 1 land rover.
The bonnet(hood) and grill is series 2.
The wings (fenders) are something else that I am not sure of.

Most likely re-engined with something with a bit more ‘oomph’.

Interesting vehicle.

Regards jason

And that’s very close to how I’ve decided to build it.
I’ll use the grill and shortened chassis from the Series II:

There are no aftermarket tires available that have a tread that matches the photo. Not even Accurate Armour makes them - they are all too modern. So I’ll settle for the tires from this kit:

I’ll scratch the Series I bed (too easy) and utilize the tailgate from the Series II kit.
Finally, the hood (bonnet) will be from the spares, as it matches the photo:

Those fenders are an easy scratch, but I’m still looking for a possible donor kit. My spares stash is monu-MENTAL.
I may use the very nice seat cushions from the Legend Pink Panther upgrade. It really depends on whether or not I use figures in this one,