Vehicle numbers, Tamiya's Pz IV Ausf G

Gentlemen, et al,
I am painting the above referenced Tamiya No.378, their newish Pz IV Ausf G (long barrel) and I have to think about markings. They describe the vehicle as El Alamein, Autumn 1942. This for 21st Pz Div, which would be Pz Regiment 5. When I saw the box art the vehicle number seemed funny. Now I have a decision to make. Using “Panzers in the Sand” by Bernd Hartmann, I looked at TOO’s specifically K.St.N. 1175 of Feb 2, 1941, the regiments tank companies had Nos. 1 , 2 and 3 as light companies with Pz II’s and mostly Pz III’s. and similarly with 2nd battlion’s cos. 5,6, and 7. Cos. 4 and 8 were designated as medium companies and had 3 Zugs of Pz IV’s. As the long barreled Pz IV’s began to appear in later 1942, they were incorporated into Pz Regiment 5 and I have assumed they would be added to Cos. 4 and 8 as needed. Now in K.St.N. 1175a of 23 January, 1943, all tank cos 1 thru 8 were to be equiped with long barreled Pz IV’s. Obviously, this could not occur in the DAK, but does that mean the new Pz IV specials were just added in randomly into Pz zugs or would they have been, in the fall of 1942, still allotted to the 4th and 8th company’s of the regiment in accordance with the prior K.St.N? I am of the opinion that I should number my Tamiya Pz IV Ausf G as perhaps 415 or 815 rather than the number 215, and put a division sign and DAK palm on at least the rear hull or Rommel basket, since they have tracks and such covering the usual frontal location. I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, opinions. Thanks, DAK junkie