Verlinden Humvee kit

Hope this is in the correct place. I am looking for the instructions for the verlinden Humvee kit number 1976 I think. Any one know where I can find them?

There’s one currently on eBay, but you’ll pay eBay prices for it.

Verlinden 1/35 HMMWV Humvee Hummer Weapons Carrier Details (Tamiya/Academy) 1976 | eBay

If it’s just the instructions you want, enter the kit on the Scalemates site. There is a photo of the part on there casting plugs, and also the parts installed on the base kit. I built one of their entire Civil War cannons, not just a conversion, and I don’t recall the instructions being much more detail than just that.

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Already checked Scalemates; they have the kit, but no instructions.

Here’s the review from Vodnik’s website.

Vodnik’s VP Humvee set review

The 1976 set is a re-release of the 915 set, so if anyone has the instructions from that, it would help you. Please note, it was for the Acadamy kit, not Tamiya, but when the Big T released their kit, VP just tagged that brand on the box too.

Thanks for the assistance. Any help is appreciated.