Very specific questions VS more general questions

This might look silly and it might be a stupid question. Because, I’m thinking about this one now. But I have had for a long time had this thought that I shouldn’t be to specific on what I’m asking or posting in here. Because, that would be putting of comments and activity on my topics. Since I have this experience with local shopping where I live. When knowing exactly what you’re talking about. And asking very specific questions, they can’t answer them properly. It is just something I already knew. But acted like I didn’t know to please the person or the salesmen talking to. And this is also the thought I’m having here. I could think of very specific questions to ask here. But I’m afraid that it will not be resulting in the answers I’m looking for. Or that I get answers I already know. So what would be better? Being specific as I can? Or more general in the hope to get more comments and activity and get more chances of getting the right answers I’m looking for? What do you think? I’m thinking it would be a great help for both of us to get a good answer and recommendation for this topic. Since I’m not always understanding when to ask more general questions and when to ask more specific and detailed questions on here. Thank you in advance.

I would think about how you word the intial question, whether it is intended to be specific or general, as a general question could then develop into specific ones or vice versa.
In a simplified way, a specific question requires a specific answer and the same for a general question and and generalised answer.
So if its a specific question, lets say, “What is the call sign for the Squadron Leaders Tank in a UK tank Regiment in the 1990s”. The Specific answer is = 0 (zero) Bravo - 0B. That is the only answer it can be.
A general question could be something like – " What colour are British tanks in BATUS". So a general answer is they started off green, then sand and green, then sand, and back to sand and green"
You could then ask a more specific question like, " when did they change to just the sand colour and for how long ? " etc etc.

So I think it depends how you word that initial question …

I hope that explains it a bit, well - my take on it anyway.


Starting with the general question, getting the answer and asking a more specific question might help.

Example 1

Modeler: How much is the new the 1/35 Tamiya KV-2 w/limited edition photo-etch and aluminum barrel captured German version Sd.Kfz. 664/27? Got the Friulmodellismo’s?

:flushed: Clerk has no idea what Modeler is asking about. :flushed:

Clerk : Yo my man the free clinic down the street has an ointment that will clear that up and you probably ought to get a booster shot.

Example 2
Modeler: Got any new release kits today?

Clerk: Yes, couple boxes came in

Modeler: Any military? Tank?

Clerk: Yes, some new Tamiya armor

Modeler: I’d love to see it

Clerk: I’ll grab one out of the back, they aren’t on the shelf yet. Clerk returns with new Tamiya KV-2 kit a few minutes later.

Modeler: Price?

Clerk: Checking, looks like $70 retail, but with store discount it’s $63 plus tax $67.41 out the door. Want it?

Modeler: I’ll take two

Clerk: Sold!

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I have asked both specific and general questions on this forum. I have been amazed and pleased at the responses that have been posted. Specific answers to specific questions and more broad responses to more general ones. I’d go with whichever one you want.

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Thank you all for the answers, this makes things a lot clearer and easier for me. And it will help me improve the quality of topics I’m going to post here.