Vietnam Commando

This is the Hobby Boss M706 Commando done as a vehicle of the 18th MP Brigade. The kit goes together very nicely, but there was a small gap at the rear between the upper and lower hull pieces. A couple of plastic shims and some sanding took care of it. I did replace the kit’s vinyl tires with resin ones from DEF Model. I added some detail to the inside of the turret, though not much could be seen after the commander was installed. I swapped out the kit supplied MG barrels with some from an Academy weapons set, and also added the M60 ‘tail gun’. The vehicle commander is from Alpine, the driver is a bust made from parts of different Dragon figures. A trick that I learned from a friend is to box in the hatch opening when using a bust. Painted black, it creates a light trap and helps disguise the fact it’s not a whole figure. The sharp eyed might notice he is wearing a Helicopter crewman’s helmet. These were highly prized whenever they could be ‘requisitioned’. The decals are from Echelon.

Thanks for lookin. Any comments or questions are welcome.


Looks nice. Good job on it. The base looks good too.

Nice looking model - good finish, base just fine, not too cluttered, all in all an excellent little model.

It came great. Great job all around, clean build and finish. Figures too ! Nice to see the MPs getting some love lol!

Thanks, Gino.

Thank you, Brian.

Thanks, Richard.

Nicely displayed with the base and all too Al

Had seen others use the pertinent insignia to dress up a base and always wanted to do the same.

Yes I should do that more as well , really makes the whole project look better.

Perfect all the way around.

Thanks very much.

Looks very nice combo (model, figs and diorama)!
Vietnam war was my main interrested when i begun seriously in modelling (late 80’s) i’m always pleased to see some nice models of this war.

Thanks very much.

Very nice vehicle, figures and presentation!

Thanks, Joe.

@Taffy3 fantastic build and i love that warning sign, where did you get it from?

Thanks very much. The signs came from a company called Duplicata Productions. They make several different sets for Vietnam, and a lot of others as well.

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