VK3002(db) amusing hobby 1/35 scale

Et voila, a verry easy kit to build, but it took a long time because I had other build to do (and I think I may have been kinda lazy too). Decided to make it as close to the OG model as possible wich involved removing the mud guard and the tool+modifying the gun mount, had some difficulty putting the exhaust in place, for some reason the glue decided to say “no” and I had some difficulty with the decal thanks to the water leaving traces, wich it hadn’t done on my ammo mig tiger II and I had to use a number from that decal sheet. Decided not to put the track because I consider multi part link to be the masochist track (or philippe séguin track in reference to “les guignols de l’info” who reppresented him that way). Really liked that they provide so many part, it allow the modeler to do something original with his modelthanks to the multiple option avaiable OOTB

The OG model

from Tank Archives: Panther's Ancestors