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Voyager announces a new update set of photoetch for Border BT-013 kit of the Flak36

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This set would be great if you wanted to display a destroyed Flak 36. The photoetch gun shield would be a great thing to add small dents or a shell hole.

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How would this work with other brand 88flak kits?

They have specific products for Tamiya:

Dragon Flak36

Dragon Flak37
Dragon 37 35085-1

AFV Club Flak18
AFV 35067_01

So there should be no need to use the Border set with any other model…

Hi @Bigtodd, i’m also interested and wonder about cross compatibility. I have the Border Flak 36 model kit, and I also have the Voyager Flak kit… but the Voyager set I have is for the Dragon model kit not my Border version :rofl::rofl::rofl::roll_eyes::rofl:

Surely they would be cross compatible on the most part…. that’s what i’m hoping is the case…. but as @varanusk says… with good planning you shouldn’t need to worry if you buy the right Voyager version for your needs!