Waiting Their Turn

Something for you all to look at. My latest project.

Two teams of Panzer hunters are hiding at the mouth of an abandoned railroad tunnel, waiting for the Jabos to clear the area, so they can take their turn at stopping Allied armor.

You may recall, I posted an article about my initial attempt at this base, several months ago – see: ‘Out of Control’. https://forums.kitmaker.net/t/out-of-control/29874/12

At that time, I was concerned that the base, with the big tunnel ‘portal’ was too large. That it might overpower the vehicle (the 234/4) and the overall story…

Based on the feedback I received (Thank you all). I reshaped the base, cutting off the front corner, and I added the Schwimmwagen and the Panzerschreck crew to fill space in the foreground. They almost became the center of attention (for good or bad?)

If you compare the old post and these photos, you can see h\iow much I’ve added to bring the base to life.

As always, I like checking out Black and White photos to see how close they look to real period pictures.

I had always intended to try again at adding foliage to a vehicle, it was a common practice in Normandy.
I found the AK Interactive ‘Spring Filigree Bushes’ to be perfect for this purpose. What do you think?

I have always loved Dragon’s ‘Achtung-Jabo’ figure set for their poses, so they made a perfect crew, telling the story of Wehrmacht soldiers watching the swarming P51s, P47s and Tempests. Hoping they can avoid being spotted.

I keep trying slightly different techniques on my figure’s faces. I’m afraid, too, that even with an Optivisor, my sight isn’t what it used to be - old age is a b…ch.

I showed some of the details of the base’s creation in my previous post. It’s all Insulation foam board. Carved and shaped using a hot-wire cutter. The foundation blocks are just cut into the foam, while the stonework is pressed in using my reshaped brush ferrules. (I explained this process in another, earlier diorama post “They’ll be here in 20 minutes!” https://forums.kitmaker.net/t/they-ll-be-here-in-20-minutes/29093/4

The groundwork is a combination of dirt, and assorted Woodland Scenic, ‘turf’ along with grasses and plants from many makers. (I never seem to have any luck with my static grass applicator.)

BTW: I love Woodland Scenic’s white glue. It dries flat (unlike the ‘normal’ stuff. And the liquid version is perfect for holding groundwork, similar to the more expensive ‘fixers’. Try it, you’ll like it.

The foliage, in the background under which the 234/4 is hiding are also ‘Spring Filigree Bushes’ attached to small (real) branches, to form overhanging trees.

The Panzerschreck team are an old set from Warriors. I always seem to have trouble with the ‘Splinter pattern’ but I think these guys came out pretty good. I used a very sharp, artist’s pencil to add the ‘rain drops’.

The Sd. Kfz. 234/4 is form Dragon, and the Schwimmwagen is Tamiya’s.

All questions or comments are welcome.
Thanks, Ralph


Superb Ralph. As soon as I saw the tunnel entrance I recognised it from the previous one you started with.

It’s a brilliant restructuring of it all. All the elements tie in perfectly. All the ground is used really well with nice natural spacing so it’s not overcrowded and the added foliage on the vehicles and groundwork looks very nice … Fantastic Dio :+1::+1::tumbler_glass:


Well you pulled it off , very , very cool !!!
Everything’s well done , love the paint on the figs and their placement in the environment you’ve created .


Looks fanastic, great scene!! Everything very well placed, and lovely ground work :heart_eyes:


I agree with the others - just a very minor point: That sign on the tunnel gate reading “ACHTUNG ICH DENKE” means “Attention - I’m thinking”. Which would look great on somebody’s office door, but rather unlikely to be found at the entrance to an abandoned tunnel late in WW II.

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That’s a really fantastically finished and posed scene Ralph. You have got the angles of the base just right for this- with those beautiful stone finishes. The figures are posed thoughtfully too and the various uniform shades add a nice bit of interest to them. Neat to see the camouflage on the vehicles too- it helps them fit in with the scene nicely, kind of showing how effective such things are on a vehicle.


Congratulations Ralph, looks great. :+1::+1:


Looking good :+1:

I think the tweaks paid major benefit to the overall work. I like the additions to the foreground helps emphasize the 234/4 is “currently hiding” part of the story. The rain dops with weathering pencils, an excellent idea! I struggle to find uses for weathering pencils and that idea really helps.

Very well done :clap:

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PzAufkl - I can only shake my head, sadly. As I do with many of the signs for dioramas, I searched the Internet for German warning signs, copied, adjusted and printed them out on my computer printer. I thought the old and battered sign’s description implied ‘danger - harm’, or some such. I could have, should have, verified that!
It was probably a joke - although I wasn’t aware Germans joked like that…
Thanks, Ralph

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Nice job indeed. :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

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Excellent scenario, great job!

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