Walkarounds of modern French vehicles

Hi all
I just posted to my site 3 walkarounds of vehicles which recently entered service with the French army. The EBG Vulcain seems to still be in the development phase, the Griffon is the newest infantry fighting vehicle and the replacement to the old VAB, the VT4 is the light liaison vehicle replacing the ageing P4. All are painted in the new Brun terre de France paint.

EBG Vulcain

VBMR Griffon (VBMR stands for Multirole armored vehicle)


Edited because the pictures didn’t show up with the links to my site.


What´s the function of the EBG Vulcain?

It is an evolution of the current vehicle. EBG means Engineers armored vehicle (for those who don’t know this AMX 30 variant).