Want to Buy Pactra Acrylic Flat Clear number A48

I’m interested in buying unopened bottles of Pactra Acrylic Flat Clear number A48 for $7 a bottle.

Please feel free to contact me.

Just out of curiosity what color is that? They had a pretty good line of military colors back in the day. More shades of green than you could shake a stick at.

It’s the Pactra Acrylic Flat coat, basically looks like skim milk.

Ah, from their acrylic line. Never used them just their enamels.

The Flat Clear is the only Pactra Acrylic I’ve tried. It’s a very user friendly flat coat. Great for brush applied touch up etc.

Pactra Acrylics were/are great paints. I still use them a lot. I’ll look to see if I might have a Flat Clear.

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@JPTRR Thank you Fred!