Want to Buy - Takom 2033 Female Mk 1 WWI tank

Want to Buy - Takom 2033 Female Mk 1 WWI tank.


Hello. I’m new to Kit-maker Network and noticed that you are looking for this kit. If you have not located one, I have one that I might be willing to sell.
Let me know if you are still in need and send along an offer.


Thank you for responding. I didn’t expect to get a response so long after I inserted the ad.
I would still like to buy the kit. “Need” is not the appropriate term since I have a huge stash and frankly am starting to lose interest.
If you look on E-Bay you will see that there is one currently listed for $149 including postage. That has been offered for months without a taker. I wouldn’t pay that much, plus I would have to also pay California sales tax.
All that considered, I would pay $110, including postage. Payment by PayPal or check- your choice. Bob


That works for me. If you don’t mind, I’d prefer PayPal.
Please send the payment to: bdunkle@msn.com and let me know your address. I’ll send the kit out this week. As a side note, my kit, as the one listed on eBay has everything still in plastic and from a smoke-free home.

Thank you in advance,

Kit went out today via Fed Ex. ETA is Thursday.


Thank you!


Nice - in these crazy times it’s nice to see something work out , hopefully good for both
parties .
If only our government ran as well .