Want to read?

A member of this forum sends me this book

He didn’t want any money for it, also no delivery-costs and I want to go on with this. So if anyone is interested in this book, please tell me and I will send it to you.
It’s a really interesting book, if you are interested in the theme you should read it.
A very good chapter is about Lee’s special order 191 and the guy who has lost it. Spoiler: maybe it was’nt DH Hill. Another big theme is what Lee wants to reach with the Potomac-crossing and why he fought at Sharpsburg/Antietam, also what he did during the battle.
All after all a really good book and I hope I can give it to someone


as a moderator i usually hear about negative behaviour on this site so this very refreshing to hear that there are decent people on here who go above and beyond to help fellow members!

so thanks for posting this story.


I visit this site since a year I think and I must say that here are many helpful people. As a moderator you are surely often confronted with bad things but I’m sure that there are many good things too