Wanting VS-005 or just "F Sprue"

Hi guys,

If anyone has the Meng Land Cruiser VS-005 (or 2) wishing to part with or even the “F sprues” as I can still get the other VS-004 kit freely but need the snorkel (air intake) to add.

Thanks heaps, Jason

Check with beaddreamllc on Ebay, he specializes in individual sprues. Great for missing parts/ kit bashing. Or search ebay for the kit by name of the kit and number.Someone may have parts. Last, drop Meng a line. They may send a replacement or sell yu one. (I needed a couple weapons parts frm Freedom Models. They sent ALL the weapons sprues)

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Hi Tim, thanks mate…I got a one line response from Meng ‘Sorry Sprue F and Vs-005 no longer in stock or available’. So from that I’m assuming they have ceased production of it and when I checked their website VS-005 has been removed. They still have VS-004 which is the Land cruiser without snorkel, I would have thought this is the most popular version out there and they would keep production of that one…! So now after putting it off buying the kit for years…here I am LOL.
Thanks again for your help mate.
Cheers, Jason

I’ve got the two in one kit I’d be willing to part with.

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Hi Dan, from what I have seen there is no F sprue for the Land Cruiser in that one?
Thanks anyway mate. Jason

Have you checked Evil-bay for the full kit? Scavange the snorkle and build the other as a technical without. Stick a 106mm Recoiless in the back …Green/ black or Green/'brown camo and make a west Africa war lord/ Wild Geese rig.

Hi mate, yep, 2 x sellers in the States have them but will not ship to OZ……
I just can’t believe it is so hard to get now and all the times I use to see it online and in hobby shops…it’s the old story, if you see it buy it!
Thanks buddy, hopefully one will pop up soon.

If you want I can do some scouting on my side of the world and see what I can find and what shipping to Koala Land would be . If not cost prohibitive I can grab one and send it your way.

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Thank you brother, very kind of you to offer mate…I came across a 1/35 and 1/32 site that stocks resin snorkels for ‘Orlando Hunter’SUV’s so I have ordered a snorkel and air filter that looks the same as the land cruiser so I will see how I go.
Thanks again mate.

Should work fine. Remember Toyota made a “stock” one they sold but r.there are dozens of aftermarket makers, soooo …

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I see AK has 2 new Toyota FJ Landcruisers. Be good additions to your collection. FJ43 SUV, AK Interactive AK35001 (2022) (scalemates.com)

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Finally had the aftermarket 1/35 metal and 1/32 resin (common mushroom filter) snorkels arrive today. So I will cast my own and then I will have my own stash for future. Still don’t know why Meng stopped manufacturing this most common version :man_shrugging:t3:.

Meng and Takom both seem to be big on doing “limited” runs of their kits. Run off a bunch then stop production. Limited production capacity? Can only have so many lines running at a given time? Better than others that keep releasing kits that were cludge in the 60s, when they first came out, with new box art and decals … (Lipstick on a pig is still a pig.)

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Good to see that it worked out. I was going to offer to CAD it for you (looks fairly simple unlike a lot of other requests I get) and send you an STL file to 3D print if you have a buddy in AU to print it for you since the shipping cost from the US would be prohibitive.

Kind regards,

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All good James, thanks for thinking of me! I will cast a couple of the Frankenstein conversions once I swap the filters over. They are suppose to be 1/32 and 1/35 scale but I can hardly see a difference….if any.
Thank you again.
Have a good one mate, Jason

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