Was The T-62 Tank Deployed In 1962?

I still have the Cuban Missile Crisis concept in mind, and while the T-10M was available, I prefer to use a more modern (and smaller) design to represent the Soviets.

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Everything I am reading indicates the first T-62 we’re delivered in July of 1961

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According to Kinnear & Sewell, the first 25 pre-production examples went to the Pri-Carpathian MD in 1961 and full production started in June 1962. None was seen in public until 1965 though, so you’d probably be on safer ground with a T-55.

I’d hedge that with a T-54 for the 1962 setting. Yes, the T-55 was entering service then, but the T-54 would be the most numerous of late model MBTs in the Soviet Arsenal at the time.

For Bay of Pigs, The Cubans had T-34-85’s and some IS-2M. T-55’s didn’t arrive until later in 1963.

If you are asking what type of Soviet tanks were on Cuba during the Missile Crisis (OCT '62), they had T-34/85s and SU-100s. T-55s were not sold to Cuba until '63 and T-62s did not arrive until 1976.

As ‘Soviets’ rather than ‘Cubans’ were mentioned in the original post, I assumed that ‘Cuban missile crisis’ was being used to define the period rather than the location. Never expected there to be anything as modern as a T-55 in Cuba that early.

Cuban continue to use M4a3 sherman, and Castro was a command of SU100 during bay of pigs
in Cuba was still present some Comets

Thanks people, and I did mean Soviet military rather than Cuba itself. (I wonder how things were in Cuba during the missile crisis.) I’ll have to wait and hopefully Trumpeter or somebody else will finally come out with a decent T-55 kit.

Miniart has some good T-55 kits

Takom’s are very good as well.

Not to mention Tamiya for a decent 70’s/early 80’s era T-55 kit.

On a side note, the T-62 was nowhere near as widely exported as the T-54/T-55 family to different client states. Many client states that upgraded beyond the T-54/T-55 went to the T-72 and skipped the T-62.

Based on past experience I will wait for Trumpeter, since this is not an emergency scenario.

@Long_tom im curious, what’s the scenario you’re trying to build?

Based on a science fiction story I read, what would have happened if the Cuban Missile Crisis ended up with a nuclear war.

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