Water in air gun

I have water in my air gun even though I have a filter and regulator on my pump.

Before I switched to CO2 I ran a water trap in the line itself. That eliminates the problem in high humidity areas like mine.

Yep even though I have a water trap on the compressor I got water in my airbrush. I put a pistol-grip water trap on the airbrush end of the line in addition to the one on the compressor. Fixed it.

If you’re using an Iwata, they have a moisture trap that fits right up between the gun and the hose (pistol-grip style). The purge button on it not only dumps the air from the compressor/air tank, it also blows out any moisture.

To the above excellent advice, I’ll add:

  1. if the system has an air tank, it should be vented and blown out on occasion. Air tanks can trap moisture and make matters worse if not emptied on occasion. I’ve vented my set up and a few times had water blow out of the bottom valve.

  2. tapping air from the highest point on the tank can help as well. The condensation gathers at lowest point in the tank - Ideally at the vent valve.

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I have a Badger airbrush and compressor.

Living in north Queensland I have to fight against humidity 390 days a year … in summer there are days that worth double!.. :hot_face:

I have 2 water traps (full size), one directly on the compressor, then a coil hose that brings the air to the workbench, being coil the air has more time to cool down and condense the humidity, then it connects to a another trap with pressure regulator on the bench, and from there directly to the AB … after I made this setup never had problems again…the first setup was similar but the second trap was an inline and in the summer it was not enough.

However I have the habit of emptying the tank from the valve on the bottom almost every time, the amount of water that condenses inside the tank is incredible even in only one session.


Yep! Bleeding the tank via the bottom tank valve is the way to go! Without doing that all other moisture traps can become overwhelmed.