WC57 Officer Car In Rear Area France

I’m doing the idea that I had for years, now that I found appropriate figures as well as the AFV Club WC57 staff car, which I understand was the type used by US senior officers-and was a high priority target for enemy fire. One question is that I assume everything was olive drab, including engine parts, driver controls, etc.? Also how many passengers did these cars carry when in use?

From the factory, the engines were Dodge gray, with black accessories.

They usually carried a crew of 4.

They could carry 5 though.


Good thing I checked. Ford Jeeps evidently had their engines installed first, then the whole chassis was painted the olive drab.

Actually, Ford GPW engines were also originally gray.

Willys MB engines came in OD green.

When they went through the Army rebuild program, they were all repainted OD green.

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Thanks again. Differs from what I heard before!

Very interesting.
For those who are wondering who the incongruous-looking figure is in the front seat of the car carrying Winston Churchill … that is his personal bodyguard, Walter Thompson.


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