Weathered/damaged tyres & Wheels

Weathering tyres and rims can be just as satisfying as modeling an entire model. Here are some that I did, which most of you have already seen. I used Citadel Mournfang Brown, and graveyard brown, and earth/brown filter/shade colors to add depth. I used a sponge with stipple effect to achieve the spotted rust and worn effect. Also, used Vallejo dust pigments on some of the tyres to give the dusty effect.


Works of art. I particularly like this effect:

Well done!


WOW!!! These are extremely well done, they look real at first, second, and third glance! The radial cord blowout really does it for me! Thank’s for sharing! On that note: Will you be doing a SBS on any of your work?



Thank you Mario.

Glad you like the results Mike.

I have to agree with Mike, these look totally realistic. Some of the best tyres I’ve ever seen- the shredding, wear and corrosion is so precisely captured.

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I looked at the pictures before I saw who posted them and thought, ‘dang, that looks like tiking’s doing’ and was not at all shocked to find I was right. That shredded one with the steel belts all akimbo is my favorite.

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Unreal! Well actually… super real!! Great work.


Every model you’ve posted had wheels that looked more realistic then the real wheels!! Your post of various worn, and weathered wheels and tires could and would fool almost anyone to thinking that the pictures are of real tires. They’re that good.


Thank you Karl.

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Hehe! Thanks buddy.

Thanks Pete.

Thank you so much Joel. Appreciate the uplifting words.

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