Weird question about liquid mask

So, I got a bottle of Mr. Masking sol neo off of amazon and of course it shows up completely solid. The seller has already replaced it. My question is can the solid mask be removed from the bottle? I’m not trying to make it usable, I just want to reuse the bottle.

I’ve tried x20a, straight lacquer thinner and tamiya airbrush cleaner and got nothing. I’ve search and found nothing.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Looks like a Mr. Cement bottle.

Have you tried submerging the bottle in hot water? Since the bottle is glass, it should soften the mask enough for it to be “massaged” out of the bottle. And when i mean “Massage”, I mean taking a metal or wood stick and yank the gunk out.

Pick and rip out mass with sturdy tweezers?

I think most liquid masks are Latex based…so some sort of Latex paint remover like Goo Gone Latex Paint Remover might help. Likewise with acetone.

Be safe if you proceed with gloves and great ventilation etc.

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The Goo-Gone will work and I agree on the extra ventilation.

House hold ammonia dissolves latex paint - try soaking bottle in a jar of ammonia. Lid on jar and plenty of ventilation. Denatured alcohol may work as well .

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I would be more aggressive to save time. I would use a half inch bit and drill down the center of the mask material. This then gives you room to pull material into the center and out. If you choose the soak method, it allows the solvent a lot more room to work than just the surface at the neck of the bottle.


I would throw the bottle out and buy a $1 small glass bottle somewhere.


That is no sport! Half a day and a gallon of ammonia. Easy squeezy. $20 easy does it


I’d try this method.

Also, look up “nail polish bottles”

Well, drilling it would be impossible I think. When I was picking, poking and stabbing at it the mass broke loss and freely spins in the bottle. I think it’s just to much of a hassle for a bottle for cleaning brushes. I’ll probably just dispose of it. “Dispose of” being set it aside, forget it’s there and find it a year or so from now.