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The site is now live! Forum linking is now active.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/welcome-to-the-new-armorama

Don’t have a clue what happened. I had to create a new account, guess I forgot my password. I don’t have access to my email. Site wouldn’t let me out of Armoramama. Just when I was getting used to the Kitmaker site it changes again.

Hi Don,
See my reply here: What Happened?!?!


Hi Jim,

The new Homepage of Armorama doesn’t show the Forums selection on the iPhone using Safari…and the Review Sample sheet is missing. Thanks and keep up the excellent work! The conversion looks great! :smiley:

Congratulations on the new site Jim! This is a massive undertaking. Technology is always moving forward and we have to move forward with it or be left behind. Let the learning and exploring begin!


Trisaw - Great catch! Yeah I will have to add that into the mobile code-base as when I added it for web based it obviously doesn’t carry over to that one. At least you found the little 3 line bit next to the logo! Yeah I need to update that color as well. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the work. I am still not that happy with it, but will get used to it.

Thanks the administration of Kitmaker network.

Here is some of my thoughts.
When I type the account here to the main site and it doesn’t work. However, when I login in the forums, it obviously does work, but the main site is still “no account”.
I always disable adblock for Kitmakers to show support, but it still sends me the adblock disable stuff.

The placement of the site is quite… “messy”. Maybe adding some borders for the sections to make a clear separation? It would help a lot, especially to differ a real post and an ads. It is like a max 10 min script, border colour themed after the sites (like their forums category colours) would be cool.
I was thinking to recommend that to other already remodeled sites, but as they was “WIP” so I didn’t say anything.

Edit: I post this without checking the main reaction post, where many people already giving their input and overlap some of mine. :expressionless:.

Thanks for the feedback. The login accounts are different for each site. Only people planning to contribute content really need accounts on the content sites.

The login/account functionality is a bit hidden at the moment. I will work on improving this as I can over the coming weeks.

Here is where you access either the login pop-up or the create account pop-up.

And yes I will also be working on improving the layout of the homepages and how things are organized. Believe me if you saw the original Armorama in 2001 it came a LONG way. :smiley:


I thought that it would work like the old sites. Forums only account very normal, most articles has a forums post anyway.

Thank you, Sir.

Folks, I’m getting very frustrated with the new site. I can’t seem to login successfully. Armorama.com refuses to accept the new account I had to create for Kitmaker. Nothing works. I don’t even get an email to Forgot Password. Sorry, but at this point I want the old site back.

You can read Jim’s respond to me.
Also, this is the note on the new sites login:
“Please note all our sites use different logins. You will only need to use this login if you plan to contribute articles, as our forum area uses (you guessed it) a different login. If you want easy universal logins on all our sites we strongly suggest using the social media logins.”

I hope that it is more clear for you now as it is for me.

@Bravo36 I feel your pain. I just opened another account because my email is sent to my work email and I won’t have access to it until I go back to work. Of course I don’t remember my new password but that hasn’t been a problem yet. I’m going to miss the old site and forums but I guess we need to move forward.
Take care and stay safe friends,
Don “Lakota”