What are we all using for DIY zimmerit lately?

I have seen so many videos from wood filler to bondo,
Testors to Tamiya. Epoxy putty etc. What are your results and why?

I recently did my first DIY zimmerit job. For this I used the Tamiya applicator tool. My mix was wall spackle (the stuff that is pink and dries white) mixed with white latex wall paint about 3:1 so it was a thickish paste. Paint some it on, drag the applicator about a 1/4” slide it down a bit and repeat. I am pretty happy with the results

I found wall spackle and wood filler much too thick and not workable enough on their own. The latex paint helped thin the wall spackle enough to make it spread and added some extra plasticity so the zimmerit wasn’t as brittle


I like DIY Zimmerit best:)

Have done Zimmerit with Milliput super fine white, regular Milliput, white spackel paste, wood filler, Squadron Green Putty, Tamiya Basic Putty, Tamiya White Polyester Putty and Molak Stucco Putty. Razor saws, Zimmerit stampers, Tamiya Zimmerit tools, Trumpeter Zimmerit tools etc of them can work fairly well.

If time isn’t a factor thin rolled Milliput Super Fine and a small screwdriver or stamper are the best of the best in my experience.

Next tier which is a very close 2nd is Tamiya Basic and Molak Stucco with Molak Stucco having a slight edge in my experience. Thinned to like paint consistency with Testors Liquid Cement applied with a paint brush and textured with Tamiya Zimmerit razor saw style tools. I like Molak Stucco best easy to reactivate and touch up with liquid cement. Tamiya Basic is very close second for same reasons. These two are great for working in Zimmerit around small details.

The Panzer IV J below is a current work in progress. Molak Stucco up top and lower hull Tamiya Basic. Textured with Tamiya Zimmerit tools.


With the Tamiya putty do you immediately use the tool to apply the pattern or do you have a time frame for letting it set up then applying the pattern?

I practiced on sheet styrene until I got the hang of it.

I put a little Tamiya Basic Putty (or Molak Stucco Putty) on the bottom of an old paint bottle and mix in Testors Liquid Cement with a small paint brush until as thin as paint. Next I paint the a small area say no more than 1 square inch. Ideally a little less.

The mix should just start to skip over and that’s when to texture pulling the Tamiya razor saw Zimmerit tool across it. Go ~3mm or an 1/8 of an inch and giggle the blade slight then repeat. If the giggle line isn’t sharp enough of a demarcation just enhance it with the backside of a #11 blade (not the edge!!!)

If the Putty is drying gently brush a little LC on it before texturing.

Clean the tool with liquid cement as needed. The Putty can be reactivated with a little LC.

It’s best to work in small portions and small areas.

In my opinion Tamiya Extra Thin too hot :fire: of a liquid cement for this technique.

I have always used Milliput because it can be rolled really thin, leaves you a lot of time to work and can be easily corrected…

And roller from Lion Roar makes the pattern easier for me:

Has anyone used Perfect Plastic Putty? Seems too practical and convenient to be true.

Tends to dry out quickly in my experience. Others have mentioned this as well. I no longer use it.

Also, here’s a link to a page describing the various zimmerit patterns as well as the vehicles that carried those patterns:


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I have used squadern geen putty and a thin screw driver. I worked a section about the size of a nickel / quarter.