What are you going to get done this weekend?

My two hurricanes for the Battle of Britain group build are almost done. Need to paint and attach the canopy, attach the antenna and the tail wheel and they are done. Expect to finish that this weekend.

And my phantom for the Phantom campaign is close. I have to attach the underwing ordinance, put the final varnish on, and she will be done.

I hope to complete both of these this weekend.


Don’t have any armor or planes close enough to done right now, but I do have my first car model in 26 years where I think this weekend will see it done. AMT 1970 Corvette LT-1 in 1/24. Got the bug recently to try and build all the cool cars my family has owned since my birth. Have a 1965 Shelby Mustang GT350 to do up as my mom’s car as well as her '69 Nova SS.

My project for next year is to build 11 Pzkpfw III kits simultaneously.

Your mom has a 65 Shelby Mustang???

I have a 1/1 home this weekend, but I will try to find some time for finishing paint on my T-55A, and anti neutron layers on T-90 cast turret Master.
Both in 1/48th

Won’t finish anything this weekend,but I will be working on my Tamiya/Tasca Easy 8.I am building it as"Fury" from the 2014 movie with Brad Pitt

I’m hoping to get something accomplished on my AMK Mig-31 that has taken over my work bench. Thing is huge!

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Well, got a very nice coat of Popsicle Orange on the Corvette, and noticed a tiny cat hair stuck to a fender. While trying to extricate it without making a mark, the body slid loose from the stand and tumbled to the table and hit a paper towel, leaving marks all in the paint. If it strips clean by tomorrow I might still get it done. Ay yi yi.

Gonna try to finish my Eduard 1/48 Fokker D1. Finishing it in von Richthofen colors.