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The Untested from Greg Morse

Attorney and Prosecutor frames of mind. Mafia scenarios and violence. Courtroom trial time. And the personality of Cesar the slobbery bulldog.


I can’t think of many books that are equally hilarious and scary…Quantum Mechanics for Dummies? Dan Quayle’s Greatest Speeches? Winnie the Pooh? Add this to the list…

Imagine the feeling you get watching Kubrik’s Dr Strangelove, that’s how this one made me feel anyway. Published 2022, brilliantly written, well researched and referenced. I thought I had a fairly broad knowledge of History but large sections of this book proved me wrong.

For example, I didn’t know Lincoln’s assassination was masterminded by Secretary Stanton…well, that was a popular theory back in 1865 and for some time thereafter. The Earth really is flat, honest. And neither Australia or Finland exist…so neither do I. Before I disappear in a puff of your imagination, yes the book also covers current/recent conspiracy theories but I won’t go into those – besides, if you don’t believe them you must be part of the colossal cover-up.

Uh oh, the Giant Lizards that really do run the world are coming to get me and


@Dioramartin Tim, sounding like an excellent bookf for our times!

Speaking of flat earther’s & conspiracy, over the weekend a pilot friend shared a story about another airline pilot confronted by a worried flat earther that was working themselves into a panic. It went something like this:

The FE was worried they might fly off of the edge. The pilot reassured the FE that wouldn’t happen. The plane was equipped with many high tech navigation devices to ensure the plane stayed away from the edge.

The FE was like so it has happen!

The pilot had hoped to reassure but realized the error of pilot’s reasoning. So the pilot said the true explanation of the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappearance was being kept secret to by the deep state to avoid panic. It had flown off of the edge.

The FE was all I knew it, I knew it…and settled down for the flight :airplane:

Bottom line you just can’t fix stupid sometimes.


Just finishing Brotherhood of Heros. A must read about the Battle of Peleliu Island. Very well written. Hard to put down. This written at the squad, platoon and company leveI. It covers the 1st, 5th and 7th Marines. I highly recommend this book, it will be worth your time. It is not an historical recount of battle strategy. This is written about the Marines that lived the hell of Peleliu. Some made it to the end, others were not as fortunate. 372 pages.


i usually buy my books on the cheap from ebay and obviously they have had a previous owner and as i was finishing this book i found an interesting note on one of the last pages of the book.
it says “this man taught me to throw hand grenades” and shows Sargeant Major Dusty Miller shaking hands with Montgomery and possibly being awarded a medal for his action as part of the British airborne troops taking part in the D-Day landings.

makes me wonder who the previous owner of this book is and what they did in the army


Reading this one for a book review.


Volume 8 of Samuel Eliot Morison’s History of the United States Navy in WWII. Bought the complete set last year, the physical books are older than me, but still in good shape. I enjoy his writing style and many maps which make it much easier to follow along than most modern authors.


Think it’s weird how Finland and Australia don’t exist?

I once went to a Solipsists’ Convention and no one else showed! Explain that!


I knew a Flat Earther. He was an editor where I was a staff writer.

I asked him how it was that when I was in Japan, it was daylight when it was nighttime in the Eastern Time Zone and vice versa. Shouldn’t it be daylight all over the world, right?

He “explained” that the Earth is like a tilted coin and the Sun is really, really small and it goes around the uh, tilted coin like a tiny spotlight from a few hundred miles away. Or something.

Personally, my favorite are the hollow earth theories, which keep Earth round. They’re super fun. Just wish they were true.