What color Tamiya paint for an M60

Hello all,
I’m asking for a friend. He wants to know what color from Tamiya would be a close match for a sand colored M60. Thanks in advance

Apparently the closest they make out of the bottle (and why in the world don’t they make the actual color) is wooden deck tan.
Aside from that you have to mix your own with varying amounts of buff, white, and desert yellow until you get the shade you like. The actual color can vary quite a bit.

Thanks very much for the quick reply Robert. I figured as much; just wanted to get someone else’s take on it.

Check out AK-Real,they act just like Tamiya and have a great line of colors.

Yup. I told my friend about them and he’s ordering them now lol. I used the DAK set recently on my Panzer IV E and they sprayed beautifully.

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