What does everyone think?

So we are a good way into the new site and i am curious what the consensus is so far? how does everyone like it what part, if any, are you not fond of and the overall feel you have of the new site? example do you feel as comfortable or do you enjoy it as much or less or more than the original?

For me it is a good site but i am not as comfortable as i was previously. i guess i like the layout more on the original, it was more personable. I miss the ranking everyone got too and that we had a separate page dedicated to joining a campaign (to be fair i can not compare since i have yet to attempt the process here yet) one thing i do like here as i am sure all can agree is the ease of posting a photo, which i plan to do plenty of if i ever get back to building. so in conclusion I like the site and appreciate the improvements but feel a bit nostalgic for the old site.

So what say you all? lets hear from you-

It takes some time to get used to, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives. The photo uploading is a huge advance as is the ability to link and have a preview of the site reference. The callouts of responses is great. I also like that you can ‘like’ a post without having to add a comment - you can show someone you are following their post without having to add a mundane comment every time.

The lack of a true Campaign calendar is a bit of a bugbear. I have to keep track of end dates, especially when a couple are ending at the same time. The new campaign enlist a couple of guys have used is good.

Overall, I think it has been a great move.


It took me a few days to make the original transition but I can truly say that there is nothing about the old forum I miss other than the content (which is or will be archived) I’m still excited every time I get to post a photo because it’s so much easier than the original forum.
:+1:t2: :+1:t2: to Mr. Starkweather and his staff



Hi Joe - The new site is much better . Loading photos is a HUGE improvement. I am showing my ignorance of how these sites work I suppose but I would think that if I post an aircraft model on Kitmaker home site it would also be included on Aeroscale, likewise if I posted a tank build on the main site it would also be included on Armorama , etc.
A big thumbs up to Jim & staff - Well done !

and I like that Jim keeps adding new ways to do things. I like the way the campaigns are evolving.

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Honestly, I’d been aware of Armorama/Kitmaker for many years. The prior format was so obsolete and so absolutely terrible on mobile devices, I never considered joining. In fact, I seldom visited to even look at the site it was so horrible on a smart phone. Uploading pictures not user friendly. The list of issues is very long.

I respect the fond memories of the old forum. Hopefully, those good feelings will be powerful enough that folks give the new format a fair shake.

I decided to join because the new forum software became active. It’s an outstanding forum and easy to use once one becomes familiar with it. Jim & staff have done an excellent job of setting up an easy to use forum that works well on multiple platforms. I was impressed enough within a short while to become a pateron to support their good work.

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I have zero complaints and loving the new digs.

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I don’t miss the old forums at all. The new forums are so much faster, so much easier to navigate. Photo posting is intrinsic and the camaraderie has really built to a high point here. It’s so much easier and friendlier.


I’m very much enjoying the new forums. The biggest thing for me is no more photo hosting shenanigans. I’d be willing to put up with plenty just for that, however I’m finding all the other aspects just great.

The only small thing I would like is an in between theme. I find the dark leaves trails in my vision after using, an issue I have with any light on dark writing. I used the parchment type theme on the old site and loved it. I wonder if there is any chance of more theme options in the future?

So many, many thanks for all the hard work that went on and is going on behind the scenes. Well done indeed.

Cheers, Jim.

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I’m new to this site and Johnny had asked me to upload some of my pics. Well I tried a few times and got error messages saying my email was not supported or something similar to that? :thinking:

I’m usually one of those luddites that detests changes, simply because it takes me so long to get to grips with a way of working, :roll_eyes:, however, I have come to realise with this new site that change can be for the better, :slightly_smiling_face:.

It’s much easier to add pictures, link to other builds, and communicate with others in general, so…a big thumbs up :+1: from me for the new site.

Cheers, :beer:,


Which method did you use when image upload failed?

I don’t know why but things are less snarky. I know this doesn’t have to do with photo uploading or ease of communications. We had an incident earlier that was handled. However one person was not the only one being snarky on the old site. So for what ever reason we are more civil, I am happy about that.


This sounds like you may have run into a limitation for new signups. If for example you try to upload more than a single image. The expectation (by the people who developed the software) is more that you join, look around, post a few times and then at some point start uploading images. It only takes a little time to elevate to the basic trust level you are on now, so probably trying again would yield different results. Also don’t try to upload images larger than 3mb. The core server software has that limit (as most do in that range somewhere).


I agree with the other comments about the ease of uploading photos and navigation. I also like the editing tools.

The photos being hosted on the site, itself, is major after the whole Photobucket fiasco. I lost so many photos and graphics with ruined and essentially destroyed threads and blogs it makes me sick (and not just here on the KM Network forums).

I do think the posts, themselves, could be made wider to the right. There seems to be a fairly wide column of unused space to the right of the posts. This is the same space that is used for the “Replies;” “Views;” and “Activity” columns of the “Suggested Topics” if you scroll the page down below the actual thread posts.

However, I do like the basics of the new forums quite a lot.

I was sold on the initial idea a few days after doing the beta testing… its simply a quantum jump forward compared to the old site, which is obvious from the amount of posts you see popping up daily across all the forum groups and the amount of discussions, new topics and just simple questions or hellos being posted… Jim and his crew of techno ninjas (and Robin lol) have made this series of networks and forums top class. Bravo to all of you.


Thank you Jim. I’ll try again. Maybe later today?

Hi Robin, it may just because I’m new and had limited access. I will try again later. Thank You!

actually AB to be honest i never use my phone to get on the internet so i didn’t know about the issues with mobile devices.

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I’m pretty much liking things, but at this moment, I think it was just a little bit easier to find things on the old site. Like I’ve written in my blog two or three thousand times, posting photos is SO easier now! And the preview pane on a post is very handy, too.