What Happened?!?!

When I open my Kitmaker App I get Armorama.com and it doesn’t let me out unless I click on a “leave a comment” link. I get my emails at work and I’m home this week on vacation. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter. I feel like I’m kicked off the site now.

KitMaker App? Is this like a mobile or ipad thing? Sorry I am as confused as you as to what your are seeing. More info is required I think. Or a screen shot?


I’m not too sure. I was offered the app on cellphone so I joined. I would just go to my apps and select kitmaker. I am only using my cellphone because my computer crashed. Today when I click on the app I just get armorama.com and wasn’t able to get out to the rest of Kitmaker. I discovered I can maneuver by clicking on my green circle with the L.
Thank you,

Don - I have noted that the ‘mobile’ version of any of the content sites is a little limited in some respects. I think the “Desktop” version works better and they do provide a link down at the bottom of the app page to switch to that version.

However some things to keep in mind…

  1. All the sites are fairly independent at this early phase of the move. There is no official 'KitMaker" portal site other than this forum.

  2. It was pointed out to me today that the menu on the desktop version of the content sites does NOT have a link to the forums. So currently the only easy way to access the forum via those sites is to click on an article and then click the “Continue Discussion” link down at the bottom of the article.