What the heeeeell iiiis it?

Behind the head rest on the FR Mk XIVe. Looks like a fuel filler tube, but not a logical place for one, under the canopy. Trying to figure out what to paint it.

It is a logical place for a fuel tank, as close to the cg as possible, so the filler tube would need to be at the top and could be accessible with the canopy open. The main tank is in front of the pilot, the fuel could be pumped from the auxiliary into the main. That said, I still don’t know what colour it should be, it should be a metal fitting so painted.

Indeed, two tanks ahead of the cockpit.
I’ll take a stab it and say green zinc chromate.
Some aircraft such as the Mustang used color coded components for fuel, oil, hydraulics, etc. but I think that may be a more modern SOP.

Here’s the part on a 1:1 restored one…




Did the Brits ever use zinc chromate ? Have only seen/ heard grey green.

More room to access the fill tube than I thought, but still… dosnt look like the most convenient place. Simple , yes… but. Would seem one on the spine, aft of the open canopy would make more sense. Same type cap set up as the tank forward of the cockpit. But , I guess that would require engineering.

I’m not sure, but the colour would be RAF Interior Green, just like the rest of the cockpit (it can clearly be seen that it is).

I based my observation on photos where it appears they used it. To my eye the green closely matches shades I’ve seen in a 1:1 P-51 based in Addison, and on the actual P-51 rudder pedals I own. (obviously interpreting colors in a photo, especially of museum restorations can be tricky) They’re not the more garish green but almost a light OD. It may not be actual zinc chromate, but the color is close enough for me to use.


These are not mine, which are at home, but the same color. Looks very close to the interior green to my eye:

From The Supermarine Spitfire Part 2 Griffon Powered including the Seafire, Valiant Wings Airframe & Miniature No.13.

Confirming the above advice the part you are looking at is the fuselage fuel tank filler point


Hmmm, images came out smaller than expected so a bit unreadable.

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