What the postman brought today (Armorama)

Not necessarily armor related but found this nice pack of sanding sticks on Amazon, 10 grits from 80-7000, 4 of each grit, 40 cents per stick



I got this set…


Those are cool Mead! And a super deal!

I was pretty happy to find them, I’ve been in need since of higher grit sanding sticks, and these seemed like a really good deal! I don’t have much use for the very low grit like 80 and 180 but the wife can use them for nails, and you only get 8 of those anyway, the other 32 should come in handy! They also sell them in split packs so you can get just the higher grits if you want but I think they start at like 1500 and go to 7000


Thats similar to what I just got, 180 to 12000 grit, pack of 20 was only about 6 quid


Speaking of quality sanding sticks, how long do they last before the sanding film starts peeling off or is sanded through?

After 3 model builds and several washes my #600 infini sanding stick is starting to peel on the sides.


I haven’t tested them yet, but I plan to soon. They seem pretty well made on first inspection but the proof will be in how well they hold up


I was happy to find 7000 in a durable pad, should help with canopy seams prior to Micromesh. I love Micromesh but I hate it for big jobs as it is expensive and wears fast


I use the exact same sticks, but rarely use anything but the 600 grit.

I find that has the perfect blend of removing burrs but not taking so much off it leaves scratches or removes ttoo much detail.

So, i’ve got an enormous pile of sanding sticks that aren’t 600 grit and a handful of 600 grit sticks that get hammered, although they do last suprisingly well.


I went for this pack as I was actually after some of the 800+ and higher grades as I wanted to have a go at canopy seam removal … so thats on the cards next.

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So does the Real Model set also include the hard cab?

Unfortunately, only the bodywork, but I’ve seen pictures of vehicles with this soft top.

Me too # dspiae
And yes, be carefull with them, they brake in a instant and then you have to £$§€€#@€ get the broke piece out of the hole.
I buy the drills now from our Chinese friends, as I still love to use it.
Got proxxon mini drill too, but not always as handy as the Dspiae hand drill

Arrived today. Now to learn how to use it! :thinking:


These are excellent. They last a looong time still using those I picked 15 years back :grin:

Spread an A4 sheet, Take a pastel stick use a blunt hobby knife to scrape the side of the pastel stick. You will get nice powdery pigments collected on the sheet. Store it in small containers… Airfix’s color jar (that comes with starter kits) or contact lens containers works perfect.
If you need very fine particles, rub on 600 grid sanding sheet and collect the powder.

Application of these defers depending on what pastels you picked. Can blend with plain water / thinner or apply dry using soft brush.


Well, something completely different.
A egg plane F104G from Afv Club.
Still looking for a brake chute like the 3D chute expert makes.
I have sweet memories of Robert Calvert (with Hawkwind) album in de sixties,”Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters. A forbidden album in Germany because of the allegations of Minister Strauss about bribery and crashing planes.
In a song an American salesman braggs about the plane to the Minister and promises it will receive a extra letter in it’s name, the “G”, so F104G. So, G for Germany says the salesman. So, “G for Gott strafe England” the Minister replies.
This, and other sketches made it an hilarious album, with solid rock music.
Now you can (legally ;-)) listen to it on Spotify.

My apologies if this subject shouldn’t be placed here


Well an old Italeri water truck or Italeri CCKW gun truck cab will fix you right up with a hard cab (should you so choose.) Practically a drop in replacement for the Tamiya open cab.

Note: since the Italeri cab includes a partial molded in engine, (the engine molding keeps the fenders aligned.) assemble the entire cab, fender & hood and only then cut away the engine. After that it will drop right onto the Tamiya Chassis and Tamiya engine. Easy-peezy

Seen above; Tamiya chassis, wheels, engine and loadbox - all unmodified with an Italeri gun truck hard cab added on. (I have done similar conversions many times with little or no difficulty.) Also the Italeri hard cab and fenders are correctly proportioned, unlike the many recent HobbyBoss offerings.

As long as the various hobby manufactures have done their homework and properly scaled all this equipment then any/all cabs should be “swap-able” just as the real truck cabs were!
(The HB cab not withstanding - however everything else about the HB CCKW offering, both LWB & SHW trucks is right on the money scale wise and is otherwise, a beautiful masterpiece. - Just don’t use their cab, fenders and hood!

John Hale said the HB Jerry Cans that came with his fuel truck were out of scale as well. He substituted after-market items for those.


More 3D printed M113A1G and M113 parts from 3DMicroCosmos in Greece.

Check out these 3D printed M113 head lamp assemblies with lenses:

(It’s 75F here so I’m sitting in the sun on the deck)


It’s 32 here and freezing rain - everything’s coated in ice! What a difference a few hundred miles makes!


My PE from Eduard arrived!!!
They were having a sale on their website and I bought a bunch. It’s sad that ordering and shipping from the overseas is cheaper than buying this stuff in Canada…
I got sets (some duplicate for multiple same model kits) of the following:

2 X Trumpeter S-Tank with an additional set for the 103 C that has extra Jerry Can parts
1 X AFV Scimitar
1 X Trumpeter KV-1 Mesh
1 X Trumpeter KV-2
1 x Tamiya M-48A3
2 X Tamiya T-72M
1 X Academy M113A1 Vietnam Exterior
2 X Tamiya Leopard 1A4
Now I have to dig the models out of the stash and throw these in the boxes so they don’t get forgotten…