What the postman brought today (Armorama)

In the USA, but I’d say that’s a sweet sounding road trip to The Tank Museam and well worthwhile!

I mailed ordered from TM several times, with the funds going to the museam that helps with the prices.

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And another M113 variant has arrived:


Arrived today from Paris, France:

I’ll use a Manual I bought online for some superdetailing

And will build it as a Italian truck in North Africa.



The leading german model-magazine, comes every month. Great articles, build-reports and everything you want to know about new kits and books


Got these in the last week. I love Tamiya kits.


Some good old torpedos, Kriegsmarine Matrosen and weighted wheels for my acquired Sd.Ah 116
(I’m drowning in this project :joy:):ring_buoy:


Fantastic haul! Very nice!

I like Tamiya as well, overall favorite kit manufacturer. Two additions to the stash, an old classic & a new classic.


Stacking kits for the off season:


Looks like it’s going to be a very large project.

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Brian over at Scale Reproductions in Louisville says he has the C-RAM already in stock!


My anticipated order of M103s from Andy’s HHQ came in today.

M103s look very nice. Did a quick comparison with the old Dragon Black Plague M103A2 kit, and noticed Takom kits were much more superior.

Thanks to @Bkkinman, who traded the TRex T-156 tracks. Now I know why a lot of builders stay away from 3D printed tracks. I made one track piece, and it was finicky, tricky, and tedious. It is a good reference material - best at showing me what not to design when I CAD and 3D print my own.

  1. For the sake of being “workable links”, there are too many parts - 2 separate track pads, center guide, 2 outer links and metal track pins (6 parts for one track piece), which make the assembly a pain and easy to lose small parts.
    I do not think the tracks need to be workable - at least personally; I do not need vroom vroom effect. The set takes away a main advantage of 3D printing, which is low part count with high detail and less clean-up. If I were to CAD and print them, I’d make a link-and-connect type with 3 parts (only the 2 outer links being separate) only. At least the metal pins gotta go.
  2. Once these tracks are assembled, they are going to feel too loose - unless you superglue them. I would design mine to be more “clickable” between the track pieces, and have less to super glue.
  3. For the high price, it does not make the builder’s life easy at all - instead, it seems to bring more misery. :smiley:

Got the Revell Leopard 2A5/A5NL kit at a low price off of eBay. Will be busy over the July 4th week. :slight_smile:


A few little items arrived uncover today.
Andy’s HHQ

From @Modelsales UA


Thanks for posting. I just ordered the Trippel from Andy’s after seeing your post. I wanted to order it from Japan but it would have been close to $70.00 with shipping and tax. I got it for about $46.00 shipping and tax included.


Let me build an AA battery:


Take a look at the 3D-printed tracks for Leopard 1 (two types) from Perfect Scale models.
Absolutely no wroom, wroom. Some links are printed with angled end connectors (a must for double link tracks, otherwise it looks like “fertilizer” when curved around idler and sprocket)

Segments + individual links (less than one part per link, average for the whole track)


These are great, Robin!! I was thinking of a similar design. I shall model after.


A possible tweak could be to print some links, end connectors and centers separately
since the angle between adjacent links might not be exactly the same for all links
curving around wheels (sprocket, idler and first and last road wheels).
Maybe the 3D-print material can tolerate some bending?

These are for the KaJaPa but the principle is the same:


Often more than that until I’m pushed completely off the bench and building in my lap while seated at the bench :grin:


By watching the new-releases in my new model-magazine I was inspired to visit the web-site of my model-trader ( modellbau könig ) again and there were so many things I like to get. In august we are going to holiday and if we don’t spend all our holiday-budget, I will get some of them. If it will not happen, I get some money from the energy-company back in september, this is reserved for MBK👍
It will be hard work again, what to choose now and what left for later. There are some books I like to get too, life is hard😂

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Sheesh! I wish you guys would stop crowding my workbench so I can get some work done! :hammer_and_wrench:

—mike :grin: