What the postman brought today (Armorama)

Amen brother, amen!


Had this one arrive today from Casemate Publishers for me to read and write a review on.

Military Dogs of World War II

Military Dogs of World War II


Package from Tankraft arrived!

Boxes are secured and double sheets of foam ensured safe shipping. First glance all parts are removed from runner supports and ready for the modeler to build.

The Comet A34’s looks really sweet, likewise, the mirrored Tiger 1 early are equally sharp. However, the most impressive to me are the KV-1 tracks.

Parts impressive enough to make one want to start a new project!


Enjoy. I really like them. Almost bought the Tamiya kit because of the track.


This came a few weeks ago but only got it today as it was a present for my 60th Birthday today .

Always wanted one of these and major birthday was an excuse to get one. :grinning:


@Huw_Sheldon Huw, Happy Birth Day!

That’s a very cool present :gift:

Looks like an outstanding addition to the tool box :toolbox:



Happy birthday✌


Did I mention that I’m building an AA battery?


Pre-assembled ones are pretty cheap these days:

The Ganef is a chunky looking kit. I have looked at it a few times but never bought it. Please post pics when you get around to building it.


Another… cat, so to speak:


I hope AFV Club will eventually come up with the Aussie M113-AS4. :crossed_fingers:t3:


I’m also very happy with mine, but…
Mind your fingers! :adhesive_bandage:


My stockpile, accumulated during the 2000s, mostly contains World War II era vehicles. Since then my interests have diversified to include modern stuff, largely because of this forum.

This was an impulse purchase from Sprue Brothers during a Lightning Deal. Only after making the purchase did I look up the model and realize it comes with vinyl hoses and tires, resulting in immediate buyer’s remorse. The resin tires essentially doubled the price of the model, demolishing the ‘great deal’, and I would have preferred unweighted tires. Even with the tires, I will still need to replace all the vinyl hoses, something I am not looking forward to.

It gets worse. I thought this was the vehicle used for Bonecrusher in the first Transformer’s movie. Nope. That was a Buffalo. I know this is really dorky, especially for those of you who served, but my introduction to the Buffalo and these kinds of vehicles was that movie. I have wanted to build a Buffalo ever since and now I have…a Husky. :face_exhaling: The Husky is very interesting but not what I actually wanted.

During a previous Lightning Deal I did not act quickly enough and missed something I wanted. This time I acted too quickly. I need to be more careful.


Love the kit but if you are going to try for accurate the Huskys that we ran in Afghanistan run the overpass tires. That is the only thing that Panda got better in their kit. The tires pictured above are for training or we ran out of overpass tires. Not trying to be a rivet counter but tires are a big thing to me.


HAHAHA! Thank you for the information. It was probably inevitable that, in attempting to make the model more accurate, I would purchase the wrong resin wheels and waste even more money.

Modern stuff is a real challenge for someone like me. I have very little knowledge of post World War II battles and vehicles. Almost every time someone posts a build of something modern, I spend an hour or two reading about the history of the vehicle. With regards modern vehicles models, they always seem to require a bunch of expensive correction parts, doubling or tripling the price of the kit. Designers at model companies seem to have a much better understanding of World War II era vehicles.

Oh well. Chin up and back to work. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you get a chance to look at some videos of the overpass tires, they are super cool they deflate to the point to allow the Husky to drive over a mine without setting it off. At the class I went too they had soldiers lay on the ground with their hand extended and then drove over them. Another thing about the Husky I want to see kitted in the Mine Detonation Trailer. I don’t have a picture with me but a google search is worth it. Also check out the Meercat it’s a mini version of the Husky.


Just had the same kit arrive along with mine rollers and Friul tracks.


A bit more food to my recent Panzer IV “madness” and some AM for various projects(Eureka XXL, Part and Microdesign)



Overpass type tires and line detonation charge weapons are both pretty neat and have existed, in more primitive form, since World War II. Once upon a time, I wanted to build a small collection of World War II era mine clearing vehicles and my little library has some books on the subject. (Unfortunately, I never did build any of the vehicles.) Anecdotal stories of people getting run over by tanks and surviving exist, so I am not surprised mine clearing vehicles can do the same sort of thing.

Over the last few days I read up on modern mines and mine clearing. I was under the impression the problem was mostly solved but that is definitely not the case. I am somewhat surprised autonomous mine clearing technology is not further along.

The design strategy of the Husky and Meercat is really interesting. I wonder why those machines do not include a cheap wagon full of gravel, attached to the front using the same sort of break away system. I also wonder why the boat hull does not come to a point at the bottom, or why the machine does not have gigantic shock absorbers where the wheel assemblies attach to the central hull.


I think you should fire up Route Clearance Vehicle/Mine Clearance Vehicle thread we can talk all day about that.