What the postman brought today (Armorama)

Not a bad idea. They are a UA company. This is their first 1/35 kit. They are mostly a 1/72 company.

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Through the modern British armour sig, on Facebook


Now that is interesting; 'seen more than enough of those at Brigade/Div HQ level. Wow.


Call me crazy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I have the M21 Mortar Carrier coming too, just needed a break from complex builds and wanted a few simple things to do. I’m going to swap the side and back walls of the M21 and M3. Just over $20 bucks each and free shipping


He’s in the middle of doing a vampire one, should be ready by middle of year.


Some ratchet straps from Djiti (thanks Gino) and some shackles from Shapeways to help me finish off my M813 with TPU.

ETA Darn it! The 1/35 shackles from Shapeways are about 2 and a half times the size of the usual ones seen in kits.


A couple classics. The M3 was my second military plastic model kit built. I still have it.


So, at Armorama I saw this figure coming along, and thought:”what vehicle would fit to him”? It became a Sheridan of the 82nd (Gulf war)


Nice kit. i want to build the same vehicle, but as a Panama Invasion vehicle (1989).


Current haul.


I’ve become slightly obsessed with DISPAE goods (yes they are that good) so had a little binge at hobbyeasy. Received today, a smidge under 7 days from Hong Kong to New Zealand…. sharp service!


“DSPIAE” It’s a type-twister alright. :rofl:

—mike :keyboard:


DSPIAE - their tools are a match for the best in the world, and their prices are very affordable. They hold up under constant use, too. I’ve time-tested nearly everything they make. Very high quality and superior performance. They make tools you didn’t even know you need.


Thanks for showing the EBR11 Gary, didn’t know they did one in 35th, the French had some interesting post war AFV’s didn’t they, so far left field, thinking out of the box compared to the conventional designs in the rest of NATO, ok MBT 70 and the S tank, oh and the Brits had some crazy ideas too I guess. What peaked my interest in the EBR is workshop Wednesday with Aus Armour, my favourite times on you tube.
Taking the COMPLETED Panhard EBR 90 Armoured Car to the museum! (youtube.com)

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That M3A2 Tamiya Kit was the first ever 1/35th kit I built back in 1976, they all had the RIKO distributer stickers on them, mightily impressed I was too, such a fun first build I was then hooked for life. Recently purchased an old old one, then as I kept hankering to build it, I purchased a re pop for £23. here’s how they look together.

the only difference is the bar code on one side, so I can keep the original for old times sake and build the new one as an M3A1.

The second Tamiya kit I built was the Quad, found in a charity shop by Mrs Sprocker for a fiver. still with it’s Rico sticker…


Ours (in the States) had MRC (Model Rectifier Corporation) stickers on them.


I have lots of Dspiae tools and all are very well done. Even their rechargeable vacuum is great for cleaning up the desk. By far one of the most useful is their Portable Electric Sander. Excellent rechargeable sander and grinder.
Note that I find AliExpress a better source then Hobby Easy for Dspiae - and I deal with Hobby Easy all the time, at least 6-8 large orders per year. I don’t normally like or want to deal with AliExpress, but Dspiae has an Official Store that stocks everything, prices are better and shipping is typically cheap as well.


you’ve given me ideas about swapping out the rear and side walls, the Dragon M3A1 I purchased this year has alternative back and side walls. Looking forward to comparing them, Thanks for the heads up.


The DSPIAE vacuum is one of the tools I never knew I needed. A whisk broom just pushes the chunks around and raises the dust - the vacuum gets the bench spotless. Indispensable before an airbrushing session.
The mini cordless sander/grinder/drill is brilliant. Eats pour plugs for breakfast but will go slow enough not to melt plastic and holds a charge for a good long while.


I’m tired of holding tank hull parts in my hands while painting. So I bought the “Slipway Set”.

This is not a finished product, but a construction kit made from wooden parts, metal screws and magnets.

As a result, we have a holder for the tank hull and a separate one for its turret. The holders can be freely separated from the base or be firmly screwed to it.

Russians have a saying: “Send a fool for vodka - he will only buy one bottle.” So I bought two sets at once.

But there is another proverb: “No matter how much vodka you buy, you’ll still have to go to the store again.” Now I have three models in painting at the same time.