What the postman brought today (Modelgeek)

Treated myself to 2 new kits this week.

First, the Type-6 Shuttle from TNG arrived from Cozmic.

Like all their shuttles, is a single piece 3D resin print. Very nice details. Just need a light sand to remove the print lines and it’s straight to painting.

Also bought some crates. Planning on making a small diorama of the Enterprise-D hanger with the Shuttlepod I did a while back. And if anyone is wondering, yes they also make the blue barrels that bonked Worf on the head!

And went to my LHS this afternoon for a few paints (how often do we tell ourselves that excuse?) and walked out with Mengs Spice Harvester from Dune.

Quite a nice little kit. Shouldn’t take too long to build. The real fun with this will be in the painting and weathering.


Well another Cozmic entry, they were at a show today so I came home with this set for my Eagle and Hawk.


Haven’t been to a show since the last one at RAF Cosford.
Did he have any of the Spaceballs figures on show?

Seriously thinking of getting the ‘Comb the Desert’ set.

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Sorry Stephen, I saw him and went straight for the Space 1999, didn’t look at anything else on his stand.
Although I did chat with him about a moon base landing pad!


Made me think of the television program “The Banana Splits” from my youth and the buggies they rode around in. :slight_smile:

The Banana Spilts (youtube.com)


Awesome!!! :facepunch::star_struck::+1:

The Space 1999 stuff does look cool. I keep meaning to give it a watch over on ITVX.
I do wonder though if those astronaut figures could be modified into Starfleet spacesuits like those in TMP and TWOK. I’ve got Cozmics 1/72 Workbee I want to display flying over the deck of the Enterprise during the refit and a little figure would be nice to add.

LOL. OMG I forget about this show. I think they shot the opening sequence in OH at the original King’s Island (I think anyway)
The BattleScale Collectica Show

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The Spice must flow :slight_smile:

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Hello SCI FI community I’m starting to want to get my hands on Star Wars models and I’m asking what the size of all the star ships is when built. I’m A scale specific builder and it seems that its hard to do in this realm any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Bandai Star Wars is predominately 1/72 and 1/144 with a few other scales tossed in for a few kits like the Death Star II and the Executor.

MPC/Revell kits tend to be varying scales.

There are resin kits available but I don’t know much about those.


Are the 72nd kits of decent size or pretty small?

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An X-wing is roughly 7 inches tail-to-nose; extended wingspan 5 1/2 inches.

The Millennium Falcon is ~19 in long; 13 in wide. However, it is also around $350 as it is the Perfect Grade edition based on the 1980 filming miniature.


Hi all,

Not been around for some time, but hoping to get my mojo back soon, :thinking: :grimacing:.

In the meantime I recently ordered a couple of kits for my Space 1999 collection, and today they arrived, :grinning:.

1/72nd Laboratory Pod Eagle:

1/48th Freighter Pod Eagle:

The Cozmic Space 1999 figures look nice Luciano, I have the 1/48th scale set, I’ve only managed to paint one…I use the word ‘paint’ loosely, :smirk:…but they are nicely detailed, :+1:.

Cheers, :beer:,



You’re in for a world of hurt. Scales vary wildly. Even worse, these are made up vehicles so people cannot agree on how big they are. Do you scale them by the original models? By the interior sets? By plans in books? Every so often, someone working for a company owning the rights has a bright idea and retcons a bunch of stuff.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Slaughterhouse. A survival horror strategy game by Prospero Hall. Funko Games

Purchased at the store last weekend. I know, not a kit but it includes 1/40+/- scale figures :grin:


Dave and Chainsaw gave it two thumbs way up. :slight_smile:



I prefer these:




Got my hands on this finally. I want to go to town detailing and making it more like the Painting itself.

Heres hoping I can do it justice, already I’ve decapitated the horse!



Not using metallic paints like Frazetta? Interesting!